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Food illustration Japan Guidebook "The Wonderful and Delicious in Japan"

Food illustration Japan Guidebook "The Wonderful and Delicious in Japan"

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"The Wonderful and Delicious in Japan" is a book of gourmet and cultural guides in Japan by Tokyo based American illustrator Kayleen Falls.
She showcases over 80 shops & restaurants with her beautiful food illustrations unique to Japan.
Various foods are introduced in the seasons of spring, summer, fall, and winter, along with recommended restaurants & places in Tokyo, and there are also unique places in Kyoto to visit.
The perfect book for your trip to Japan.

* This book will contain both English and Japanese text.

Kailene Falls

Kailene was born and raised in Minnesota, USA. She graduated from the University of Minnesota with degrees in Japanese and Graphic Design, and began working as a designer and illustrator in Tokyo, Japan soon thereafter. While employed at Japanese design agencies, she designed and illustrated for packaging, marketing materials, editorial layouts, and branding for large Japanese companies such as meiji, kewpie, Mitsui Norin, and Mizukan. In 2018, Kailene left her full-time job to begin a freelance career. While she continues to work in digital medium, she began honing her skills in watercolor painting with a particular focus on food illustration. Her watercolor work has been displayed in galleries and commissioned by both individuals and corporations.

In addition to her creative career, she works as a bilingual Japanese/English language reporter for Japanese news channels as well as a for international NHK World programming broadcast in over 20+ countries. She has made over a hundreds of appearances on Japanese variety TV, most notably as the American representative for the weekly show “Sekai Kurabete Mitara” with Taichi Kokubun and Naomi Watanabe since 2017.


  • Size: 8.27 x 5.83 x 0.65 inches 
  • 224 pages
  • Japanese / English
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