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Vintage Japanese lacquerware soup bowls

Vintage Japanese lacquerware soup bowls

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Set of 10 traditional Urushi (Japanese wooden lacquer) soup bowls salvaged from an old house in Shimane Japan when the owner rebuilt their home.

A set of 10 is available if you are the first one to purchase it.

It is the product of 120 year old traditional Japanese lacquerware manufacturer, Urushi Sakamoto in Aizu Japan.

These sets of Japanese lacquerware soup bowls were once found in every Japanese home and were used for ceremonial events such as weddings and new year celebrations at home to welcome many guests.
In recent years, such significant family events and large family gatherings have become less common in Japan. The demand for traditional Japanese lacquerware has decreased, so the opportunities to see these genuine beautiful lacquerware have also decreased.

What is Urushi (Japanese Lacquer)?

Urushi is made from the sap of the Urushi tree.
The sap is collected from trees that are at least 10 years old. The 10 years old tree produces about 200 grams of sap per year. This is enough to make only a few soup bowls.
Refined Urushi is therefore extremely valuable and expensive. Lacquer workers treat it with the utmost care, saying, "A drop of lacquer is like a drop of blood."
The Japanese lacquer technique is also a traditional art form that has permeated every aspect of Japanese culture, from the tea ceremony to modern abstract sculpture and has even been applied to daily items such as tableware, furniture, and jewelry.

*Please note that due to the vintage nature of these items, some may have scratches.

  • Size: W13  ×H9cm with lid (H6cm without lid)
    (Box size: 24.5×28 ×15cm)
  • Material: Japanese lacquered Wood 
  • Made in Japan
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