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Kamasada Casting Studio

Nambu Cast Iron Bottle Opener

Nambu Cast Iron Bottle Opener

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This bottle openers are crafted by Nobuho Miya, a third-generation Nambu ironware manufacturer "Kamasada" and internationally renowned product designer. While it retains the unique texture of Nambu ironware, it is surprisingly light when held.

When hung on the kitchen wall, it significantly enhances the ambiance of the space. It’s a piece that can be enjoyed not just for its functionality but also as an interior design element, showcasing the unique beauty of Nambu ironware.

Made by Traditional Cast Iron Studio in Morioka, Japan
Designed By Nobuho Miya

Nobuho Miya is the third-generation master craftsman and designer for Kamasada found in 19 century, Meiji era Japan. Kamasada is a manufacturer producing Nambu ironware, a traditional craft from Iwate, Japan. He is a graduate of Kanazawa College of Art and Craft and completed postgraduate studies at Tokyo University of the Arts.

While continuing to uphold traditional techniques, such as making iron kettles using the "wa-sen" method, Miya also integrates contemporary sensibilities into his work. He has acquired a patent for A.D.I (Ultra-Tough Cast Iron Production). His goal is to create ironware that serves as functional tools for daily life.

Miya has exhibited his work internationally, including at the Victoria & Albert Museum (UK), the Metropolitan Museum of Art (USA), and the Milan Salone. He has also held solo exhibitions in Stockholm and has won numerous awards for his outstanding craftsmanship.

Within Japan, his achievements are no less significant. He has been involved in the restoration and production of the National Treasure, the Golden Hall of Chūson-ji Temple, and has been recognized with the Iwate Prefecture Master Craftsman Award. Furthermore, he has been certified as a traditional craftsman.

  • Size:
    - Square H10.5×W3.7 cm
    - Round  H8.2×W4.7 cm
  • Weight: 40-50g
  • Material: Cast Iron 
  • Made in Iwate, Japan



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