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A vintage copy of The Japanese First Manga Book "Norakuro" Reprinted Edition

A vintage copy of The Japanese First Manga Book "Norakuro" Reprinted Edition

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This is one of the 10 volumes of the reprinted edition of "Norakuro" published in 1969, 40 years after it went out of print.

"Norakuro" is a masterpiece representing the dawn of Japanese manga, serialized in boy's magazines since 1931. It is one of the first manga works to be published as a book in Japan. The series had a significant impact on Osamu Tezuka, a master of Japanese manga.

The story revolves around Norakuro, a stray dog with no family, who enlists and flourishes in a dog army. Initially, he joins as a second-class private but gradually climbs the ranks, eventually being promoted to Captain. Despite his circumstances, his cheerful, lively, and upbeat progression was warmly and passionately supported by children of the time.

The character of Norakuro was conceived, drawing inspiration from Felix the Cat, a character from the American animated series "Felix the Cat."

As a pre-war comic, it enjoyed a rare long-term serialization. However, it was discontinued in 1941 due to the onset of the Pacific War and the prevailing circumstances at the time. 

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