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Vintage Japanese Paper Hand Fan from the Showa Era

Vintage Japanese Paper Hand Fan from the Showa Era

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Dive into a nostalgic journey with these promotional hand fans from the Showa era Japan, originally distributed by pharmacies. Discovered at a flea market organized by a shrine, these fans are a rare find, especially considering wooden and bamboo promotional fans like these are no longer produced.

Each fan boasts enchanting illustrations reminiscent of the Showa period, evoking a deep sense of nostalgia.

1. Loquat: Set against a serene blue washi paper background, this fan features a charming illustration of yellow loquats. A touch of shimmer is added with twinkling silver powder sprinkled over the loquats. The reverse side is plain, and the handle is made of wood.

2. Children at a dock: Illustrated by Rokuro Taniuchi, a renowned Japanese artist active during the Showa era, this fan captures the essence of his signature style: children immersed in picturesque Japanese landscapes. The nostalgic scene is complemented on the reverse side with an advertisement for an energy drink popular during that era. The bamboo handle is adorned with a delightful wave pattern.

3. Family enjoying sparkler:  While the artist remains unknown, this evocative summer scene depicts parents carrying their children on their backs, both engrossed in the splendor of sparkler. Alongside the illustration, you'll find lyrics from a children's song penned by a famous poet from the Showa period.

Kindly note the paper of the fans shows signs of aging, testament to their vintage charm.

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