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Hasami Porcelain Bowl "haku"

Hasami Porcelain Bowl "haku"

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This beautiful ivory Hasami porcelain bowl is designed to fit comfortably in your hand for daily use with a wide mouth, curved body, and waist.  

It's very versatile and can be used for tea, cafe au lait or dish serves.

It comes with a dedicated gift box.

What is Hasami Porcelin

Hasami is a small town located in Nagasaki Japan and the porcelain industry flourished in Hasami over 400 years ago there. Hasami porcelain has been producing durable tableware for daily use since the Edo period. In recent years, Hasami porcelain has been attracting much attention in Japan for its simpleness, beautiful design and durability.

Size:L11.5×W 11.5×H6.5cm
Material: Ceramic
Made in Japan
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