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Modern Pattern Traditional Tenugui

Modern Pattern Traditional Tenugui

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Modern pattern designed traditional Tenugui cloth. 
Tenugui is a multi-purpose cloth that has been used in Japan since ancient times for all kinds of daily activities, such as wiping hands and sweat, cleaning, wrapping things, etc. It is always attached to the strings of kimonos.

Now, it is popular as gift wrapping, scarf or as art framed or hung on tapestry rods.

Traditional Tenugui handmaded by Kamawanu

Tenugui is a hand-dyed rectangular cloth (approximately 13 in. and wide 35 in. long) traditionally used in Japan for daily rituals as a towel, bandana, or handkerchief and for gift-wrapping. Kamawanu is specialized in the making of Tenugui and earth year the company introduces a wide collection of new patterns and colours to complement their basic collection. Kamawanu has selected 100 patterns from their archive of 150 patterns, offering discerning worldwide audiences the chance to explore the timeless sensibilities and qualities of Japanese crafts and culture. Tenugui is made of 100% cotton and each item is rendered with a unique graphic characteristic since the dye produces different shades of colour depending on the weather, temperature and humidity of the day. Due to the qualities of the special hand-dyeing technique, the Tenugui is reversible since the pattern appears both on the front and reverse sides.

  • Size: Approx. 33cm x 90cm
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Made in Japan 

  • Colours may fade due to hand-dyeing.
    Colours may shift when wet.

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