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All Natural Mosquito Coil: Kikka Senkou (Chrysanthemum Coil)

All Natural Mosquito Coil: Kikka Senkou (Chrysanthemum Coil)

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Experience the timeless protection of the "Kikka Senkou (Chrysanthemum Coil)", a 100% natural mosquito repellent that harnesses the potent power of pyrethrum, traditionally used since pre war era in Japan.

Brought to you by "Rinensha", a brand established in 1977, revered for its commitment to producing products that resonate with a harmonious natural life. The coil is meticulously crafted using organic pyrethrum and Japanese mint (Washu Hakka) exclusively grown by Rinensha.

Rather than exterminating the pests, this coils emit a unique smoke that deters mosquitoes, offering a protective shield against insect bites.

Made with wholesome natural ingredients like pyrethrum and mint, it provides peace of mind for households with infants and pets. No artificial colors and no preservatives.

※ In windless conditions, the standard size can be used for approximately 6 hours per coil, while the mini size can be used for about 3 hours.

Traditional Japanese Mosquito coil, Kikka Senkou made by Rinensha

The mosquito coil was first introduced in Japan in 1890 by Dai Nippon Jochugiku. Initially, natural pyrethrum (pyrethrin) was used in these coils. However, after World War II, to cater to the demands of mass consumption, synthetic pyrethroids with a higher insecticidal effect began to be utilized. This shift resulted in the near disappearance of mosquito coils made from natural materials.

Junichi Iio, the representative of Rinnesha experienced headaches when using mosquito coils that contained these chemical components. Motivated by this, he embarked on the development of insect repellent products with pyrethrum as the main ingredient. In Japan, there were hardly any farmers cultivating pyrethrum. Iio then contracted with Chinese farmers, who had previously learned pyrethrum cultivation from the Japanese, to initiate the cultivation of pyrethrum for Rinneshya. The first harvest took place in 1997.

In 2001, the sale of "Kikka Senkou (Chrysanthemum Coil)" commenced. Currently, Rinnesha has its own farm in Hokkaido and has taken up the cultivation of "pyrethrum" and "mint", which had significantly declined in Japan. With considerations about environmental pollution and the potential effects on the human body, they are rigorously committed to pesticide-free cultivation.

While there are various insect repellent products available, some countries have pointed out the dangers of many insect repellents and sprays available in the market. Amidst this backdrop, "Kikka Senkou" stands as a product that embodies Iio's vision and passion—a product he wishes to be shared even 100 years into the future.

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  • Coil Diameter: 12 cm
  • Package Dimensions: W12.5 × D12.8 × H7.9 cm
  • Content: 10 coils per pack, set of 3 packs
  • Total Weight: 390g
  • Composition: Pyrethrum powder 10% (Takinoue and Hokkaido in Japan, and China), total pyrethrins at 0.1%, mint (Takinoue, Hokkaido in Japan), white birch wood powder (Hokkaido in Japan), talc, and starch
  • Made in Japan

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