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Cream & Gradient Yellow Vintage Tsumugi Kimono

Cream & Gradient Yellow Vintage Tsumugi Kimono

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Hailing from a particular home in Kyushu, Japan, this Tsumugi kimono has been carefully preserved in a kimono chest for years. Hand-woven, it boasts a beautiful cream-colored pattern characteristic of Tsumugi, accentuated by the striking gradient of yellow lining at the hem and beneath the collar.

Drape it casually over a T-shirt or denim for a chic, modern twist.

Tsumugi (紬)

Tsumugi refers to a traditional Japanese hand-woven textile. Specifically, it denotes fabrics handwoven using hand-spun yarns. Tsumugi is renowned for its unique texture and durability, typically characterized by muted colors and understated patterns.

The allure of Tsumugi textiles lies in the inconsistencies and distinctive feel of the yarn, resulting from variations in the thickness of the hand-spun yarn and the presence of short fibers entangled within.

Various forms of Tsumugi exist across different regions of Japan, each with its own weaving techniques, patterns, and color palettes that have evolved over time. For instance, there are types of Tsumugi named after regions, like Oshima Tsumugi or Yatsushiro Tsumugi.

While Tsumugi is often considered a luxury item and worn on special or formal occasions, it's also a robust fabric suitable for everyday wear.

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