About Us

Nagamochi Shop is a Toronto based online store which provides sustainably long-life goods for fashion, kitchen, home and self-care curated by Japanese eco-warriors, Mami and Meg.

Nagamochi- means "long-lasting", "long-wearing", "wears well" in Japanese. It's also a name of a large oblong wooden chest which was used in houses of Samurai families to store fabrics and daily items.

We believe that adapting more long lasting quality items into our life will help us to reduce waste from our society.
Our focus is on providing you with carefully selected items from mainly Japan and Canada local.

If you have some questions about an item or service, if you can't find an item you are looking for, or if you would like us to order some specific item you want from Japan, please let us know the details by filling out the form on the contact page or sending email to contact (at) nagamochishop.com :D

You can also stop by our pick up point to check the items physically by appointment only.

- Pick up point:
Nagomi Beauty Room
2372A Bloor Street West Toronto, ON
*It's not our store, but Meg will be there to show you the items!

 We love 

Sustainable Old Fashion Lifestyle,
Long Lasting Quality Items,
One of a Kind,
Hidden Gems.

Hi I'm Mami, founder of Nagamochi Shop.
I live in Toronto with my husband and my dogs. I'm geeky type person who love reading, doodling, fashion, art, and indie music.

I was born in a city on the southwestern island of Japan’s main islands called Kyushu, and after spending most of my life in Japan, I moved to Canada in 2014. 

I've moved many times in my life. Every time I moved, I had to face what I owned and how much stuff I had to get rid of.

Plastic food trays bought on a makeshift basis. Stapler from a dollar store that broke after just a couple of uses. Fad dress often seen on the streets...

I was always disappointed myself who generated waste and realized how many stuffs I was living surrounded by that I bought just only for convenience and didn't really feel anything for.

In the days before our society was surrounded by so much cheap and poor quality stuff, my grandma used everything from a small coin purse to a bamboo shopping basket for decades. Those items were made by small factories or second hands or handmade by someone.

As the number of cheap, mass-produced products increased in our society, many old companies in Japan that made such high-quality products for a long time and handmade products factories disappeared.

However, in recent years, a new generation of small companies has begun to revive these vanishing businesses. Also, major Japanese companies, which have been making high quality products for a long time, are taking serious steps to make their products more environmentally friendly.

To introduce such items to my friends, I started this shop.

For starting the shop, I invited my like-minded friend, Meg and we enjoy finding those hidden items. Within Canada, we also found many artisans who produce unique items.

We bring only our favourite items we carefully select to this shop.
Hope those items will makes your heart sing with joy and can have a longer life. We believe it will help to make our planet a better place.

With Love,