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Yamacoh Co., Ltd

Hinoki Wood Rice Ball Mold

Hinoki Wood Rice Ball Mold

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Hinoki Wood Onigiri molds.
They will help you make perfect triangle or cylinder-shaped rice balls, or Shokado-Bento style Shochikubai (Plam/Bamboo/Pine) rice.

  • How to use & care
    - Soak the mold in water for 5mins and wipe it lightly before use.
    - Wet the mold lightly every time you make new rice balls.
    - This will avoid the rice sticking to the mold.
    - After use, wash it with water and make sure it is completely dry.
    - Avoid using dishwashers or dish dryers.

3 different shape types are available.

  • Onigiri (Triangle Shape)
    Traditional Onigiri (Japanese Rice Ball) shape

  • Makunouchi (Tube Shape)
    Makunouchi is a traditional lunch box that contains a tube-shaped rice ball and a variety of side dishes. It has been enjoyed by audiences and actors during Kabuki performances since the Edo period (1603-1868).

  • Shochikubai (Plam/Bamboo/Pine)
    The three plants, "pine," "bamboo," and "plum," grow well even in the coldest season of winter, so they are used together as a symbol of good fortune to express happy events, such as wedding receptions and New Year in Japan.
    It is used in rice molds for Shokado bento boxes, which are in the tradition of Japanese Kaiseki cuisine.

Made by Yamacoh Co., Ltd

Yamacoh Co., Ltd (Nakatsugawa, Gifu prefecture) manufactures wooden products for professionals in the hotel and restaurant industries in Japan.
They have been making a variety of natural wood products such as tableware and kitchen tools with skilled craftsmen.

  • Size

    - Onigiri (Triangle Shape) 
    177 x 85 x 30 mm, 200g
    (makes H 70mm×W 65mm×T 30mm rice ball)

    - Makunouchi (Tube Shape) 
    230 x 57×37mm, 150g
    (makes D30mmxH35mm rice ball.)

    - Shochikubai (Plam/Bamboo/Pine)
    285×100× 30 mm, 240g

  • Material
    Hinoki Wood
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