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Antique Arita Porcelain Ware Pufferfish Sashimi Plate

Antique Arita Porcelain Ware Pufferfish Sashimi Plate

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This exquisite dish is an Arita porcelain ware pufferfish sashimi plate, discovered at an antique market held in a shrine in Fukuoka. Adorned with a beautiful blue net pattern commonly used on pufferfish sashimi plates, it also serves as a perfect plate to hold ingredients for traditional Japanese hot pots.

Arita porcelain, known by a different name as "Hizen porcelain ware" over 100 years ago, bears the inscription of "Hizen procaine ware" on its underside. 

It comes with an original wood box. 

If you can, pickup is recommended due to its fragile nature.

About Pufferfish Sashimi

A true representative of unique Japanese cuisine, "Pufferfish sashimi" is a culinary art form where licensed and skilled Japanese cuisine chefs delicately slice the pufferfish flesh with a keen sense of touch and precise knife techniques. The slices are so thin that they become translucent, creating a beautifully arranged plate that can be considered an artistic wonder in the realm of culinary delights

*Due to the vintage nature of this product, there may be scratches and stains.

  • Size:  Diameter 27.8cm (Box 29.8×29.8×9.5cm)
  • Made in Nagasaki, Japan
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