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Watanabe Metal

Handmade Galvanized Steel Rice Storage [5Kg]

Handmade Galvanized Steel Rice Storage [5Kg]

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Watanabe Metals, known for their high-quality galvanized metal cans and buckets since 1923, presents a metal rice storage container. Meticulously crafted by skilled professionals, it stands as one of their most popular products.

5 Key Features 

  1. Keep rice fresh
    Galvanized steel blocks out light and the double-layered lid keeps the container properly sealed so that it is not easily impacted by outside air, keeping the rice fresh. 

  2. Durable
    Watanabe Metals are dedicated to making their product durable enough to last a lifetime. This rice stocker is also tough enough not to be deformed even if you put heavy things in it.

  3. Easy to Use
    There is a hook on the inside of the lid, which can be hooked onto the mouth of the can.

  4. Washable
    It's rust-resistant and can be washed with water when dirty.
    Because it is made of carefully selected top-grade steel material made in Japan, which is resistant to rust. Furthermore, it is not welded, which can cause rusting, but is pressed and finished by hand by craftsmen.

  5. Measuring Cup
    It comes with a measuring cup for you to use right away.

Left: Galvanized Steel Bin from Watanabe Metals / Right: Similar products from other companies

Watanabe Metals
Watanabe Metals is a small steel bucket manufacturing company with only 10 staffs. It was established in 1923 in the town under the Himeji Castle, Hyogo Japan.
Since its establishment, the company has aspired to make products that will last a lifetime, and its skills and beliefs have been faithfully passed down from skilled craftsmen to younger ones.

In the mid-Showa period, many inexpensive foreign products were imported in Japan, and the company was on the point of closing its business. At that time, the third president and his wife decided to create a stylish bucket that could be placed in a room and redesigned the product. They named the brand "OBAKETSU"

Even now, from the basic materials used in products to small parts such as wire, they use only the best materials carefully selected and made in Japan.

They do all manufacturing and inspection at their small factory to provide their products with full responsibility. 

  • Size:L21.7 ×W21.7 × H26 (cm)
  • Capacity: 5kg Rice
    (Other Size: 10kg)
  • Weight: 0.9 kg
  • Material: Galvanized Steel
  • Made in Japan


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