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Akai Ceramic Studio

Handmade Tiny Hanging Flower Bud Vase

Handmade Tiny Hanging Flower Bud Vase

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Tiny hanging flower vases in different shapes.
Due to the handmade nature, the glaze is applied in different ways, so no two are alike.

AKAI CERAMIC STUDIO is a small, family-owned studio in Toronto Canada, operated by Yusuke Akai, and his wife, Naomi. They have been creating ceramics in their studio since 2012.
Yusuke has been creating porcelain artwork since he was 13 years old when he created his first teacup in Japan.
He now works with his architect wife to create pieces that make your homes both beautiful and functional.

Size: W35-4mm×H60-65cm
Material: Ceramic
Made in Toronto, Canada

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