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Chushin Kobo

Japanese Cast Iron Wind Chime

Japanese Cast Iron Wind Chime

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Beautifully minimalist designed traditional Japanese iron wind chime.

Crafted by a small foundry design studio in Yamagata, this wind chime embodies the timeless beauty of Japanese cast iron.

Designed for indoor use, this hanging wind chime can be enjoyed by placing it near a window, air conditioner, or fan. Let the serene gentle tones of the wind chime bring tranquility and a touch of traditional Japanese charm to your home.

About Japanese Wind Chime

The origin of wind chimes in Japan can be traced back to wind bells hung in the corners behind the eaves of ancient pagoda buildings. It believed to have the power to calm the mind and ward off evil. Even the Dotaku (bronze bells) excavated during the Yayoi period (710-794) were used as ritual implements, showcasing the long-standing cultural significance of bells in Japanese history.

  • Size: W55xH45mm (Main body)
  • Material: Cast Iron, Paper
  • Weight: Approx. 100 g
  • Made in Yamagata, Japan
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