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Seo Seisakusho

Japanese Orin Bell (Singing Bowl)

Japanese Orin Bell (Singing Bowl)

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Modern designed Japanese Buddhism singing bowl made by a long-established manufacturer of metal Buddhist altars.

This lovely cherry-like design is simple and small enough to take up little space on your desk or a corner of a bookshelf and looks like an art object.

It has a hole in the top to hold the ring stick. The sound will continue even if you put the stick back in immediately after striking.

Perfect size for quick meditation at your work desk.


SEO Seisakusho was founded in 1935 in Takaoka City in Toyama Prefecture Japan. Takaoka City is a hub for craftsmanship that Kaga clan established in 1609 and it has continued to make metal products, the majority by casting. 
Seo Seisakusho values the spirit of craftsmanship to create new things with their refined technology and provides new value to Japanese Buddhist altars that have been used in Japan for centuries. Their new modern designed singing bowls won many design awards.

The brass parts of these singing bowls are made using Seo Seisakusho's speciality forging technique. 
The beautiful sound is created by heating the brass to 800 degrees Celsius and then compressing it in a forging machine that can produce up to 800 tons of force.

The maple wood base and cherry wood ring stick are carefully carved out one by one by a woodworking maker from the same area of Seo Seisakusyo.

  • Size: 55mm (diameter) x 129mm (including the ring stick)
  • Materials: Brass, natural wood (Sakura and Maple)
    - Only gold and silver have the natural wood parts at the bottom of the body.
  • Made in Toyama Japan

 Photo Credit for Slide #8-10 : Seo Inc. | Sotto

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