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Natural Herbal Incense "Sanctuary"

Natural Herbal Incense "Sanctuary"

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Drawing inspiration from age-old traditions, a Japanese incense maker introduces a unique line that celebrates plants revered for their purifying properties.

Embracing the legacy of Hinoki from ancient Japan, the earthiness of White Sage from Native Americans, and the spirituality of Frankincense from North Africa. Crafted purely from nature, devoid of any artificial fragrances, each incense offers an authentic and unique aromatic experience.

This set includes a brass incense holder for a complete aromatic experience.

Frankincense: Derived from the Papilifera species of Sudan, this frankincense offers a light aroma with minimal astringency. Generously blended with 50% frankincense, it is known to ease tension, deepen the breath, and enhance concentration, making it ideal for meditation and holistic purification.

White Sage: Incorporating 40% organic White Sage from California, this incense, when lit, fills the room with the earthy aroma of smoldering herbs and the distinct fresh undertone unique to White Sage.

Hinoki (Japanese Cypress): Revered for centuries, Hinoki wood has been used in historic architectural wonders like Horyuji Temple and Shosoin. Rich in Hinokitiol, known for its powerful antibacterial properties, Hinoki also has demonstrated deodorizing benefits. The scent of Hinoki has been reported to have relaxing effects. This incense boasts a lavish blend of 10% Japanese Hinoki oil and 10% Hinoki wood.



  • Frankincense: 15 sticks
  • White Sage & Hinoki: 20 sticks each


  • Box: 25mm x 25mm x 160mm
  • Incense: 13.5cm
  • Incense holder: 1cm

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