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Kamenoko Tawashi

Soft White Scrubber (S) / KAMENOKO TAWASHI

Soft White Scrubber (S) / KAMENOKO TAWASHI

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A sisal hemp scrubber softer than the palm fibre made Tawashi.
It has high water absorption and becomes soft when it contains water.
Sisal hemp has the capability to repel oil and dirt. It cleans pots and pans with curry and ketchup without colour staining and removes the stains with a small amount of detergent.

It's ideal for

  • Washing Teflon-coated cookware
  • Pre-washing greasy dishes before loading the dishwasher
  • Body wash
    • Size: 85×32×80mm
    • Material:Sisal Hemp
    • Heat Resistant Temperature:90 ℃
    • Made in Japan

    • Wash before you use.
    • Do not use for items that are easily scratched.
    • Rinse well after use, drain and dry in the sun.
    • There are differences in colour due to natural fibres, but the quality does not change.

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    TAWASHI means hand scrub brush without handle, made by natural fibre.
    The company of KAMENOKO TAWASHI was established more than 100 years ago in Tokyo, Japan.

    Kamenoko Tawashi Company

    Before that, a bud of straws or rope had been commonly used for cleaning.
    “TAWASHI” which is a plants fibre coiled up with a wire was the invention of cleaning at that time.
    Since then, KAMENOKO TAWASHI has been supporting the Japanese household and professional use until now.

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