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Japanese Vintage Maekake Apron

Japanese Vintage Maekake Apron

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Discover a piece of Japanese heritage with this well-worn Maekake apron. This apron, once donned by sake breweries, exudes a distinct charm with its aged indigo-dyed fabric. While signs of wear and stains are evident, they contribute to its unparalleled authenticity and vintage appeal.

Whether you choose to wear it or frame it behind glass for a decorative statement piece, it's guaranteed to draw admiration.

  • Ikuma Sake Brewery (Established in 1865, Hiroshima)
  • Tamatsuru Sake Brewery (Established year is unknown but already closed their business over 20 years ago in Okayama).

*Notes on indigo-dyed products:
Do not wash with other garments, as the indigo dye may transfer.

About Maekake Aprons

Maekake aprons have been a traditional workwear staple in Japan, wrapped around the waist of workers in various trades such as rice sellers and sake dealers. Woven with thick cotton threads, these aprons are robust, embodying the spirit and resilience of Japanese merchants.

Dating back to the 15th century, the origin of Maekake aprons lies in their practicality — to protect the wearer's waist and clothing, and to prevent tears and injuries. The design evolved during the Edo period and, from the Meiji era, began to feature store or company names, serving both as uniforms and promotional tools.

With Japan's post-war economic boom, the production of Maekake aprons surged. Starting with sake breweries, various industries like rice shops, miso shops, soy sauce dealers, fertilizer sellers, and food manufacturers began branding these aprons with their company names and logos, spreading their influence nationwide.

While the design is straightforward — a thickly woven rectangular cotton fabric accompanied by red and white strings — it encapsulates generations of wisdom and stories from the artisans of yore.

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