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Fujita Metal

Frying Pan JIU

Frying Pan JIU

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Innovative, premium iron frying pans crafted with precision in a quaint Japanese town. Brought to you by Fujita Metal Co., Ltd. of Osaka and designed in collaboration with TENT, a boutique design studio in Tokyo, these pans are the epitome of merging culinary art and dining into one seamless experience.

At first glance, you might mistake it for a plate, but it's undeniably a superior iron frying pan. Boasting a thickness of 1.6mm, it ensures meats remain succulent, vegetables retain a delightful crunch, and your breads, fried delicacies, and grilled rice balls achieve a perfect balance of crispy exteriors with soft, fluffy centers.

Experience innovation with the specially designed handle – a unique feature allowing for effortless attachment and detachment with just a slide. Crafted using solid wood from Tendo City in the Yamagata Prefecture, it enhances the pan's aesthetic and functionality.

With its portability and the minimal design, it's also an ideal companion for your camping culinary adventures.

Please check how to care JIU Pan from the Fujita Kizouku website.


    • Size:
      - Flying Pan
  • Small 8 1/2”D x 11 /2”H (21.5×3.6cm)
    Medium 10”D x 1 3/4H (25.5×4.2cm)
    Large  12”D x 1 3/4H (30×4.5cm)
    - Wood Handle: 
    1/4L x 7 1/2W 
  • Made in Osaka, Japan
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