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Japanese Family Crests and Designs

Japanese Family Crests and Designs

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Family crests in Japan have been used for centuries to identify families and individuals. Currently, there are about 200 basic types of family crests, with approximately 5,000 designs that share similar motifs.

Family crests have a significant influence in contemporary culture. Not only do they hold historical and cultural value, but they also appear in famous manga and anime, and are often chosen as motifs for tattoos and other purposes. This book features over 2,500 family crests that have been carefully selected. It also includes explanations of their designs and meanings.The crests are categorized based on motifs such as plants, animals, natural phenomena, martial values, patterns and designs, and buildings and vessels.

Moreover, it is beautifully illustrated with numerous photographs and examples of motifs found in family crests. It also includes demonstrations of dyeing techniques, handicrafts, and modern designs inspired by family crests.

Great resource for designs, tattoo motifs, illustrations, and more.

  • Size: 15.24 x 3.18 x 20.96 cm
  • 352 pages
  • Language: English/Japanese
  • Publisher: PIE International
  • Published Nov. 7 2023
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