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Aluminium x Copper Incense Holder

Aluminium x Copper Incense Holder

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Set of a metal incense plate and an incense holder from the Japanese incense brand AO.

The minimal design with aluminum and copper will fit beautifully in any place in your home.

It can hold AO incense and any standard size of Japanese incense.
(Holder hole diameter 2.5-3mm) 

 *Incense is not included. 

Made by Daiko

Daiko is an 80 years old company that started out as a supplier of incense ingredients for Nippon Kodo, one of the oldest incense makers in Japan.
As a company with in-depth knowledge of incense ingredients and fragrances, Daiko handles a large number of fragrance products not only in Japan but also in the world.

  • Size
    - Dish: W100×D69×H110mm
    - Holder: W10 x D10 x H10mm
    - Package: W108×D112×H30mm
  • Material 
    Dish: Aluminum / Copper
    Holder: Copper
  • Made in Japan



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