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Post Card Coloring Book [Japan Heritage Townscape]

Post Card Coloring Book [Japan Heritage Townscape]

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A Japanese postcard style coloring book featuring landscape illustrations. 

It covers venerable and well-known temples, a castle town, and scenic old streets and areas in Kyoto, Ishikawa and Iwate Japan.

Each illustration comes with a set of colored samples.
It's perforated in the size of a Japanese postcard so that you can easily tear it out of the book and frame it after coloring.

*This book is NOT English bilingual.

<List of Illustrations>

  • 01 Yasaka-no-to (Pagoda of Yasaka), Hokanji Temple (Kyoto)
  • 02 Ichirikutei Pavilion, Gion  (Kyoto)
  • 03 Tatsumi Bridge, Gion  (Kyoto)
  • 04 Ninningzaka, Shimizu  (Kyoto)
  • 05 Sanneizaka, Shimizu  (Kyoto)
  • 06 Ponto Town  (Kyoto)
  • 07 Gion Festival (Kyoto)
  • 08 Kinkaku Temple   (Kyoto)
  • 09 Kiyomizu Temple  (Kyoto)
  • 10 Kamo River  (Kyoto)
  • 11 Roads in Sagano (Kyoto)
  • 12 Nandaimon, Todaiji Temple  (Kyoto)
  • 13 Ishikawa Gate, Kanazawa Castle (Ishikawa)
  • 14 Higashiyama, Higashi Chaya Town  (Ishikawa)
  • 15 Ruins of Nagamachi Samurai Residence (Ishikawa)
  • 16 Konjikido, Chuson-ji Temple (Iwate)

Another coloring book featuring retro cityscapes of Tokyo is also available.

Tokyo Retro Walk Coloring Post Card Book

  • Size: 14.8 x 21 x 0.48 cm
  • Page: 40 pages
  • Japanese
  • Published 2022/5/2 


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