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Furukawa Shiko

Shakyo Set (Sutras Copying Paper and Brush Pen)

Shakyo Set (Sutras Copying Paper and Brush Pen)

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 A set of Sutras copying 15 sheets of paper and brush Pen.

What is Shakyo (Sutra Copying)

About 2000 years ago, hand-copying a sutra started in order to spread the teaching of Buddha. As Buddhism developed, sutra copying became an important ascetic practice.

The mindfulness effects of the process of simply transcribing sutras without thinking about anything else have attracted particular attention from people living in a busy society in recent years.
More than its religious intent, many people in Japan have come to perform sutra copying to calm their minds, train their brains, and improve their concentration.

Made by Furukawa Shiko

Founded in 1835, Furukawa Shiko manufactures and sells paper stationery products, mainly made of Mino Washi, in Mino City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan.
Mino Washi is a type of traditional Japanese paper used in the Mino region.
In addition to traditional letterheads and envelopes that utilize the texture of Mino Washi,  Furukawa Shiko is creating a number of new paper products by taking advantage of the meaning of paper in this digital age.

  • Ppaper Size: 456 x 272 mm
  • Included:
    - 15 sheets (10 sheets for tracing/ 5 sheets for ruled lines only)
    - 1 Brush Pen
    - Calligraphy manual 
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