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Magewappa Bento Box

Magewappa Bento Box

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 Traditional Japanese Magewappa style Bento Box produced by a small Yamanaka lacquerware studio in Ishikawa, Japan.

What's Magewappa 
Magewappa (Mage 曲げ means to bent and Wappa 輪 means circle) bento box is a container made of raw wooden boards, such as cedar or cypress, bent into a curved shape using a special technique.

One of the many reasons that Magewappa bento box have been popular is that it keeps the rice fluffy and tastes good even when cold.  Rice packed in a plastic luck box could become sticky and saggy overtime but the material is wood (cedar or cypress) has antibacterial properties of the wood prevent the rice from going bad in hot weather, and the natural cedar regulates the moisture even in cold days, so the rice does not harden. 

It lasts longer than plastic lunch boxes. The more you use it, the tighter the wood becomes and the more durable it becomes. As a result, a white wood or lacquered lunch box can be used for decades if properly cared for.

 ***Please do NOT use with Microwave and Dishwasher.

  • Size: 7.8×13×6.5cm
  • CapacityApprox. 600ml
  • Made in Ishikawa Japan (Some parts are made in China)

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