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Handmade Sakura Wood Ballpoint Pen with Refills

Handmade Sakura Wood Ballpoint Pen with Refills

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Beautiful and sleek natural Sakura wood ballpoint pen is crafted one by one by woodworkers.

The texture of the natural Sakura wood polished and carefully processed by our craftsmen, will grow in lustre as you use it, and give you a warm feeling not found in plastic or metal.

Unlike disposable ballpoint pens, you can use them for a long time by changing the refill lead.

It comes in a Hinoki (Japanese Cypress) box and the 2 refills (Mitsubishi ballpoint pen SK-8)

Perfect gift to celebrate your family or friend going on to college/university or starting a new job.

Made by a local woodworker in Ehime

Designed and crafted by LINK WOOD DESIGN, a wood processing company in Ehime Prefecture that produces furniture and houseware from local wood.
They value the idea that products come to life when people use them and create unique products that are easy to use and that people will be proud to have.

  • Size: 
    Pen 13cm (Diameter 11.2mm) / Box W16.5×H4.5×D2.3㎝
  • Material: Sakura, Hinoki
  • Made in Ehime Japan
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