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Hollowed Out Hinoki Wood Bento Box

Hollowed Out Hinoki Wood Bento Box

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This lunch box is made of high-grade Hinoki (Japanese cypress) wood from Ehime Prefecture in Japan, hollowed out one by one by local woodworkers.

The wood called "Hime Hinoki" is famous for its high quality, having passed the strictest quality standards among the woods produced in Ehime Prefecture.

The premium quality Hinoki wood has a fine grain and lustre. The beautiful patterns of annual rings give each lunch box its own unique character, and no two are alike.

The four corners of the inner part of the hollowed out bento box have no wood joints and are rounded, making it easy to wash without food getting stuck.
The surface is coated with safe urethane and polished one by one with care by the woodworkers. This makes it highly water-resistant.

What is Hime Hinoki

The Hinoki wood is very fine and less distorted, making it easy to process, and it retains its fresh fragrance for a long time. For this reason, it has been used as a top-quality building material for the construction of temples, shrines, and furniture for over a thousand years.
Ehime Prefecture is one of the places in Japan where Hinoki wood is produced. The name "Hime Hinoki" is a trademark given to only the highest quality Hinoki from Ehime prefecture that has passed the strict quality standards set by the prefectural government.

Image: Majime Ehime

Made by a local woodworker in Ehime

Designed and crafted by LINK WOOD DESIGN, a wood processing company in Ehime Prefecture that produces furniture and houseware from local wood.
They value the idea that products come to life when people use them and create unique products that are easy to use and that people will be proud to have.

  • Size: W18 × H9 × D5.5 cm
  • CapacityApprox. 550ml
  • Material: Hinoki
  • Made in Ehime Japan

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