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Nippon Notebook

APICA Premium C.D. Notebook A5 / 7mm Ruled / 32 Sheets

APICA Premium C.D. Notebook A5 / 7mm Ruled / 32 Sheets

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This lightweight 62 page notebook is ideal for jotting down daily thoughts and tracking progress for 2 months (one page per day)

The Premium edition of the C.D. Notebook features 'A.Silky 865 Premium' paper for a sumptuous and smooth writing experience, ideal for fountain and ballpoint pens alike.
It also maintains the characteristic flat opening due to thread stitching and the beautifully embossed logo of the C.D. NOTEBOOK series, while also being thinner for easy portability.

APICA's C.D. Notebook

APICA, a renowned brand of Nippon Notebook, a comprehensive notebook manufacturer that mainly deals with educational notebooks for school children, as well as other stationery products like notebooks and memo pads, has a history spanning over 100 years.

The brand is particularly dedicated to continuing the provision of high-quality paper materials. Among APICA's offerings, the C.D. NOTEBOOK is a popular series that has been loved in Japan for many years.

  • Size: A5 ( W148×H210×D4mm)
  • Page: 32 Sheets (62 pages)
  • 7 mm Ruled

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