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Lucky Charms Mamezara "MAME" [Arita Porcelain designed by Amabro]

Lucky Charms Mamezara "MAME" [Arita Porcelain designed by Amabro]

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The traditional lucky charm motif Mamezara given an Amabro design. The unique shape and gold overglaze painting add festive touches to your dining table.

  • Miscanthus and Butterfly
  • Sparrow
  • Camellia 
  • Peony and Butterfly
  • Landscape painting
  • Mt. Fuji
  • Ship and spool
  • Snapper
  • Gourd and Bird's nest 
  • Peach
  • Turtle
  • Pine Tree
  • Red Ball

Arita Porcelain Mamezara from Amabro

Amabro is a product brand line designed by contemporary artist Amane Murakami.
Amabro's MAME is a series of newly designed Mamezara with various motifs from Arita porcelain, the most traditional Japanese porcelain that has been produced since the 16th century in Nagasaki Japan.

  • Size
    • Miscanthus and Butterfly:
    • Sparrow: w 85 mm ×d 80 mm ×h 20 mm
    • Camellia: w 95mm×d 95mm×h 18mm
    • Peony and Butterfly:w 85 mm × d 85 mm ×h 21 mm
    • Landscape painting: w 115 mm × d 53 mm × h 23 mm
    • Mt. Fuji:w 95mm×d 85mm×h 22mm
    • Ship and spool: w 95mm×d 70mm×h 20mm
    • Snapper:  w 110mm×d 65mm×h 20mm
    • Gourd and Bird's nest:  w 95mm×d 80mm×h 20mm
    • Peach:  w 85mm×d 85mm×h 22mm
    • Turtle:  w 103mm×d 73mm×h 20mm
    • Pine Tree:  φ94mm × h 25mm
    • Red Ball:  φ97mm × h 19mm
  • Made in Nagasaki, Japan
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