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Cord Incense for Gift Wrapping and Crafting

Cord Incense for Gift Wrapping and Crafting

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An innovative and unique incense produced by a sewing handicrafts company in Japan in collaboration with a Japanese incense maker, KUNJYUDO.

While this product was initially developed as incense, based on our experience, we find that the smoke scent can be somewhat overwhelming for that purpose.
Instead, we recommend utilizing this product for gift wrapping, crochet knitting and crafting accessories such as bracelets.

01. Green Floral 
02. Fruity Flowers 
03. Breezy Grass
04. Fresh Citrus
05. Spicy Jasmine 


KUNJYUDO is a modern Japanese incense maker founded in 1975. It was the first in the world to sell low-smoke type incense sticks by researching and developing a more fruity aroma, unlike traditional incense. They have numerous incense products with innovative design and original technology. They are also actively involved in environmental issues and have developed incense made from thinned wood and other materials in Japan.

  • Contents:
    Paper stand with cord, Incense clip, Nonflammable felt mat
  • Materials: Cord 100% cotton 
  • Made in Japan


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