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Ishimaru Pottery

Hasami Porcelain Kitty Kobachi (Small Deep Dish)

Hasami Porcelain Kitty Kobachi (Small Deep Dish)

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Small deep dish called "Kobachi" has been used to serve food on festive and special occasions in Japan.
This Kobachi features four different patterns of cats curled up asleep.

The plates are also the perfect size for organizing small miscellaneous goods such as small accessories and stationeries. They will add some accent to your desk and room.

The same cat design "Mamezara", a small dish plate is also available.

What is Hasami Porcelain

Hasami is a small town located in Nagasaki Japan and the porcelain industry flourished in Hasami over 400 years ago there. Hasami porcelain has been producing durable tableware for daily use since the Edo period. In recent years, Hasami porcelain has been attracting much attention in Japan for its simpleness, beautiful design and durability.

  • Size: W100×D87×H35mm
  • Material: Porcelain 
  • Made in Nagasaki Japan
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