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Hasami Porcelain Rice Bowl Set : Kurawanka Bowls "Bottle and Border"

Hasami Porcelain Rice Bowl Set : Kurawanka Bowls "Bottle and Border"

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A pair set of "Kurawanka bowls," which blend traditional techniques of Hasami porcelain with a contemporary sensibility. Crafted with a modern touch, these "Kurawanka bowls" feature a stable shape that is easy to hold, stack, and use as practical rice bowls. The set includes two bowls of slightly different sizes packaged in a gift box, making it ideal for gifting. They are wrapped in a Tenugui hand towel designed with motifs from the Edo period.

There is another design " Leaf and Lattice " available.

    About "Kurawanka": During the Edo period, small boats known as "kurawanka boats" sold food and drink to customers along the Yodo River in Osaka. The name "Kurawanka" is believed to have originated from the vendors' calls to passenger and other peddler boats, offering bowls of rice with the phrase "Meshi Kurawanka?" (How about eating a bowl of rice?).
    Over time, the term "kurawanka" came to refer to the rice bowls themselves. These bowls were produced in Hasam, Nagasaki Prefecture, and became a staple of everyday tableware.

    About Hasami-yaki / Hasami porcelain:

    The distinctive features of Hasami porcelain are its beautiful white colour and delicate SOMETSUKE (blue and white) painting technique. Evolving with the times, a variety of everyday tableware has been created while maintaining its appeal as commoner's tableware. Hasami-cho continues to be the primary hub for porcelain production in Nagasaki Prefecture, securing the third position nationally in terms of the shipment value of daily Japanese tableware. One of these daily tableware items, the "Kurawanka bowl" with a simple brush-painted arabesque pattern, is durable and resistant to breakage, becoming a representative work of Hasami-yaki. Through Hasami porcelain, the dining culture of commoners underwent significant changes, making porcelain a familiar part of daily life.

    • Two rice bowls in slightly different sizes:
      (S) Diameter 12cm×Hight 7cm
      (L) Diameter 11.5cm×Hight 6.5cm 
    • Weight: 180g / 210g
    • Dishwasher and microwave safe
    • Made in Nagasaki, Japan
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