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Yamamoto Katsunosuke

Japanese Table Broom

Japanese Table Broom

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A hemp palm broom perfect for cleaning tables, furniture, window sashes, and more. It's made from natural hemp palm bark held together with copper wire and has a handle crafted from black bamboo.

In Japan, sweeping has traditionally symbolized purification. Brooms this size were once used to clean the "Koujin-san" (god's name of the traditional Japanese cooking stove), hence named "Koujin Broom".

The hemp-palm broom effectively removes fine dust and dirt from tatami mats and floors without causing any damage. Unlike synthetic fibers, it doesn't create static electricity.

While most plant fibers tend to rot when soaked in water, hemp palm is water-resistant due to its natural oil content. Not only is it durable and resilient, but it's also incredibly strong and soft. This makes hemp palm the ideal material for brooms and tawashi.

Table Dustpan is also available.


Made by Yamamoto Katsunosuke Shoten

Yamamoto Katsunosuke Shoten was founded in 1880 to produce and sell hemp palm products and sansho (Japanese pepper). Located in Nogamidani, Wakayama Prefecture, the region was known for clusters of hemp palm trees, with a long history of hemp palm product manufacturing. Even today, Yamamoto Katsunosuke Shoten continues to handcraft hemp palm brooms and Tawashi at the same location. Following postwar forest reforms, the number of hemp palms declined significantly, leading to a scarcity of craftsmen for palm peeling. Presently, hemp palm materials are imported from Taiwan and other countries.


  • Size: 12”L x 81/2”W (with handle)
  • Material: Hemp Palm, Bamboo
  • Made in Wakayama Japan
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