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Mino Porcelain "Gaku" Line Engraving Mamezara

Mino Porcelain "Gaku" Line Engraving Mamezara

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This Mamezara is adorned with an engraving detailed design.
The available hues are a refined and lustrous white porcelain and a graceful blue-white porcelain.
Not only is it a versatile addition to your tableware, perfect for serving soy sauce or presenting condiments, but it also shines as a jewelry plate, enhancing the look of both silver and gold accessories.

Made by Miyama

Miyama is a company based in Mizunami City, Gifu Prefecture, that produces Mino Porcelain products. Committed to high quality and exquisite designs, they continue to craft using the "casting" technique. Their products have been recognized and awarded numerous Japanese design accolades.

About Mino Porcelain

Mino Porcelain, known as "Mino-yaki" in Japanese, is a type of pottery and porcelain produced in the eastern part of Gifu Prefecture, in what was formerly the Mino Province. This includes areas such as Tajimi City, Toki City, and Mizunami City. With a history spanning over 1,300 years, Mino Porcelain boasts as many as 15 distinct styles. Each style is differentiated by the type of glaze used and its appearance, leading to variations in color and texture of the base material.

  •  Size:
    - Snowflake & Quince : 7.5x7.5x1.5cm
    - Bellflower : 7.2x7.2x1cm
  • Made in Gifu, Japan

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