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Hokuriku Aluminium

Alumite Cooking Tray

Alumite Cooking Tray

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Durable, long-lasting Alumite (Anodized aluminum) cooking trays in a variety of sizes.

They have long been a favourite kitchen tool for Japanese cuisine chefs for their lightness and efficient thermal conductivity. It cannot be used for baking, such as in the oven, but it is ideal for storing food like fresh fish, marinated meat, cut vegetable or desert in the refrigerator or freezer to keep it cool.

*Please note that this product is not made for use in ovens or dishwashers. The Almite coating may peel off when exposed to high heat.

What's Almite

Almite is an aluminum processing technology born in Japan that artificially oxidizes the surface of aluminum to make it more resistant to corrosion and scratches.
It is more durable than plastic and is used in railroad cars, aircraft, automobiles, and semiconductor parts.

Made by Aluminium professional Hokuriku Aluminium

This almite, made by Hokuriku Aluminum, a Japanese company famous for its aluminum products, is 3 times more resistant to corrosion and 1.6 times more resistant to scratches than ordinary anodized aluminum products because of their advanced technology.

  • Size
    - 4:W27.6×D21.1×H3.5cm
    - 5: W24.2×D18.1×H3.2cm
    - 6: W21×D15×H2.9cm
  • Material: Alminium
  • Made in Toyama Japan
  • Do not use in microwave, ovens, or dishwashers.
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