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Black Steel Nail Clipper

Black Steel Nail Clipper

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 Nail clipper with excellent sharpness, made with Hagane (High grade steel) of the brand of KIYA, a long-established cutlery shop established in 1792 .

Since its release in 1987, this product has revolutionized the market, surpassing kitchen knives in popularity at KIYA. With its rugged style, unpainted and only dyed black with hagane, it comes with a nail splatter prevention cover. This practical nail clipper allows you to trim your nails quickly and conveniently, no matter where you are.

Please note that this nail clipper may have scuff marks and scratches because they are made by dyeing the Hagane black. This dyeing process eliminates the necessity for a polished finish or paint to conceal any imperfections resulting from the manufacturing process.This actually helps keep the costs down. We carefully inspect and exclude items that are too scratched, so what you receive is what we consider a good product.

To ensure long-lasting durability, this nail clipper is coated with a rust-preventing oil. Before use, it is recommended to gently wipe it with a dry cloth.

About KIYA

Since its establishment in 1792, KIYA has been synonymous with craftsmanship and quality, offering an impressive range of everyday tools, with a distinctive focus on cutlery. With KIYA, you're embracing centuries of unparalleled excellence.

Gold Nail Clipper is also available.

KIYA Gold Nail Clipper
  • Size:Main body approx. 67mm (approx. 69mm with anti-scattering cover)
  • Material: Steel dyed black, ABS resin 
  • Made in Japan
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