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Book "52 Stories of NEW TAKUMI"

Book "52 Stories of NEW TAKUMI"

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This is a story of 52 "young masters" from 47 prefectures across Japan who bring a breath of fresh air to Japanese crafts with their innovative techniques and ideas, while paying respect to local traditions and resources.

This is a visual book that allows you to enjoy the "unprecedented products" created by these designers as if you were traveling, along with the unique charm of each region of Japan.

The book also includes columns by leading specialists in the fields of fashion, architecture, and design.
All pages are bilingual (Japanese and English).

What's Takumi?

Takumi means highly skilled craftsmen, or artisan in Japanese.  
Takumi also means a life lesson that the Japanese people have nurtured since ancient times.
It has been stored in the hearts of the Japanese people by living in unity with nature, learning truth, goodness, beauty, receiving wisdom, and has matured through the trials of history. Respect and love for nature, humility and compassion, respect for unseen values, handcrafting, appreciation and care for things. This is embodied in traditional crafts and traditional arts that have been highly refined through history.

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