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Akai Ceramic Studio

Handmade Stoneware chopstick rest

Handmade Stoneware chopstick rest

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This beautiful matte white and red stoneware chopstick rest is what we have been longing for.  

You can use this not only for chopsticks but also for any utensils.  These matches with their hanging flower bud bases and spice cellars.

In ancient history, chopsticks in Japanese culture symbolized  a "bridge" between humans and the divine.  It was believed that a pair of chopsticks represented the mortal and immortal dining together, sharing food.

It is said that "chopstick rests" for placing were created to keep chopsticks offered to the gods from getting dirty.

It was not until later that chopstick rests came into full use. Until then, Japanese food was generally served on a small individual tray table called "Open" 御膳, but in Meji period, chopstick rests became popular as families began to gather around one bigger table.

Chopstick rests were originally used to keep desks clean and chopsticks clean during meals.  In Japan, not so many people use them any more.  (Maybe only special occasions)  People became busy working, eat fast or choose to eat fast food that they don't even have to use chopsticks.

 We feel that the air at the dining table seems to flow more slowly because chopstick rests allow people to rest their chopsticks on the table, enjoy the company and meal provided by you or your love ones.

AKAI CERAMIC STUDIO is a small, family-owned studio in Toronto Canada, operated by Yusuke Akai, and his wife, Naomi. They have been creating ceramics in their studio since 2012.
Yusuke has been creating porcelain artworks since he was 13 years old when he created his first teacup in Japan.
He now works with his architect wife to create pieces that make your homes both beautiful and functional.

 Size: L7×W1×H1cm
Weight: 28g
Material: Ceramic
Made in Toronto, Canada

- Due to the handmade nature, there will be slight variations in the size of each item.

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