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Handmade Tiny Rice Bran Wax Candles & Ceramic Candle Stand

Handmade Tiny Rice Bran Wax Candles & Ceramic Candle Stand

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A set of 10 tiny candles and a candle holder.
These earthy colour candles are handmade from natural rice wax. Contaminants free and no smoke or drippage. 
Each candle will burn consistently for 15 min. You can use them for your meditation, watching the flame to get stillness and present moment.

Handcrafted by traditional Japanese candle craftsmen by Daiyo established in 1914 in Shiga, Japan.

What is Japanese Candle

Japanese candles ("Wa Rousoku" in Japanese) are 100% plant-based. They are made from the fruit of the Japanese sumac tree (Rhus succedanea) or rice bran wax, and Washi paper for the core.
Japanese candles are mentioned in the "Taihei-ki" around 1375. It is thought that they began to be made around that time.

Handcrafted by Traditional Japanese Candle Maker, Daiyo

The Daiyo brand was established in 1914 in Shiga Prefecture Japan and has now been passed through four generations over a hundred years.
They produce high quality Japanese candles for a wide variety of purposes, ranging from religious candles used in Buddhist altars and temples, for Cha-no-yu rituals (a Japanese traditional ritual for serving and drinking tea), to Japanese candles as congratulatory gifts and endowments, or even for everyday use.

Story of the mouse and cat on the package

Cats have long been kept in Japanese candle shop houses.
The raw material of wax for Japanese candles feeds mice.
Therefore, Japanese candle shops employ cats to protect the precious wax from mice.
In other words, a candle shop with a cat is a sign that the shop uses natural raw materials.


  • Candles10 candles
  • Burn time: 15 min
  • Size: 1.8 in (45 mm)
  • 100% rice bran
  • Made in Japan

Ceramic candle stand

  • Size: W31×H22(mm)
  • This candle stand is specially designed for these rice bran wax candles. 

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