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Quality Low Gauge Socks made in Nara Japan

Quality Low Gauge Socks made in Nara Japan

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These socks are made using the rare low-gauge knitting machines and techniques passed down from generation to generation by SOUKI, a small sock manufacturer established 90 years ago in Nara Japan.

2 different sizes available.

  • M:25-27cm
  • S:22-24cm 

Enjoy the soft and fluffy comfort feeling on your foot.

Made by SOUKI in Nara Japan

SOUKI is a small sock factory established in 1927 in Hiroyo, Nara Prefecture, the birthplace of Japanese socks.
Valuing the technology that has been passed down for nearly 90 years and the evolution that has resulted from trial and error to create even better socks, the company carefully crafts each pair of socks from the raw material selection to the final finishing touches, using the most suitable manufacturing method for each material.

  • M: 25-27cm / S:22-24cm 
  • 96% cotton, 3% nylon, 1% polyurethane 
  • Made in Nara Japan
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