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Vintage Indigo Kasuri Kimono from Ehime Japan

Vintage Indigo Kasuri Kimono from Ehime Japan

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Sourced from a vintage kimono collector in Fukuoka, this kimono is a fine example of Iyo Kasuri.
Iyo Kasuri, crafted in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, is a cotton-based Indigo Kasuri. It stands alongside Kurume Kasuri and Bingo Kasuri as one of the "Three Great Kasuri" of Japan.

It's worth noting that there are no longer artisans producing Iyo Kasuri, making it an extinct variety of Kasuri.

Please note, there are some signs of wear and fraying in places.

Kasuri (絣)

Kasuri is one of Japan's traditional textile arts, referring to a dyeing technique that creates patterns by applying dye to specific parts of the yarn. In the Kasuri process, yarn is selectively dyed to produce distinctive patterns, and then woven such that the design emerges on the fabric. This results in a unique blurred or smudged pattern appearance.

Due to the intricate and time-consuming process involved, Kasuri is generally regarded as a valuable and precious fabric. Its distinct beauty, combined with the warmth of hand craftsmanship, has endeared it to many.

Various regional variations of Kasuri exist across Japan, each having evolved its own techniques, colors, and patterns. Indigo Kasuri (紺絣)is one of them. Woven primarily with white patterns against an indigo background, Indigo Kasuri is typically a cotton fabric. Originally, the dye used was natural indigo (藍), but in recent years, synthetic dyes have become more prevalent. Due to its durability, it was used for work clothes and everyday wear. Notable types include Kurume Kasuri, Iyo Kasuri, and Bingo Kasuri.

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