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Toyo Sasaki Glass

Summer Blue Japanese Glass Sake Set for Cold Sake | Made in Tokyo Japan

Summer Blue Japanese Glass Sake Set for Cold Sake | Made in Tokyo Japan

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Japanese Sake glassware set to enjoy cold sake in summer season.

Featuring a distinctive textured finish, the glassware’s green and blue gradient evokes the serene waves of Japanese summer seas. 

Perfect for gifting, comes in a beautifully crafted wooden box.

Produced by Kimoto Glass and manufactured by Toyo Sasaki Glass.

Toyo Sasaki Glass

Toyo Sasaki Glass, established in 1878, is one of Japan's oldest and largest glass manufacturers. Renowned for producing durable and long lasting glass ware for commercial use.

Kimoto Glass

With over 80 years of history in Tokyo, Kimoto Glass is a renowned distributor of traditional Japanese glass products. They offer a wide range of items created by small glass factories in Tokyo's downtown area, as well as artisans and designers who craft the iconic Edo glass.

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  • Sizes:
    Tokkuri (Sake Decanter) x 1:
    Capacity 290ml, H150xD36mm, (Maximum D 80mm)
    Cup x2:
    Capacity 40ml, D68 xH37mm (Maximum D 68mm)
  • Box Size: 169x176x 96mm
  • Made in Tokyo, Japan


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