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Kimoto Glass Tokyo

Japanese Glass Sake Set "Mai" | Made in Tokyo Japan

Japanese Glass Sake Set "Mai" | Made in Tokyo Japan

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An elegant ribbed finish Sake glassware set designed by a Japanese industrial designer Kaori Akiyama

Designed to resemble "30% polished rice" used in sake brewing, the round, plump silhouette adds charm.

The internal facets of the glass create a stunning play of light, enhancing the visual appeal of the sake. 

The name "Mai" is derived from the word "rice" in Japanese.

Perfect for gifting, comes in a beautifully crafted wooden box.

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Kimoto Glass

With over 80 years of history in Tokyo, Kimoto Glass is a renowned distributor of traditional Japanese glass products. They offer a wide range of items created by small glass factories in Tokyo's downtown area, as well as artisans and designers who craft the iconic Edo glass.

  • Sizes:
    - Katakuchi (Sake Decanter) x 1
    Capacity 260ml, D78xH65mm
    - Cup x2
    Capacity 110ml, D53xH48mm
  • Box Size: 143x210x90mm
  • Made in Tokyo, Japan


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