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Kamacco Donabe Rice Cooker

Kamacco Donabe Rice Cooker

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Small serving earthenware pot (Donabe) made using the traditional Mashiko pottery technique of Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. 

  • S size: Perfect for single or couple. Serve 2 bowls of rice (1 bowl = approx. 150g-200g)
  • L size: Perfect for a family of 3-4. Serve 4 bowls of rice.

Compared to metal pots, which heat up and cool down easily, earthenware pots slowly transfer heat. It brings out the natural sweetness of the rice and makes each grain fluffy.

It can be used not only for cooking rice, but also for boiled eggs, steamed vegetables, cheese fondue, a small hot pot meal, etc.

  • The double-layered lid prevents boiling over
  • The inner lid  be used to measure 1 cup of rice and water
  • The outer lid can also be used as a rice bowl to serve

※Earthware pot is supposed to be used on gas stovetops use only. However, actually it works on electric one from our personal experience.

When using Japanese earthware like this product for the first time, we recommend that you first work on coating the surface of the pot by boiling only the white liquid that comes out of the rice when it is rinsed. This process is called "Medome" in Japanese.

How to cook rice with Kamacco

  1.  Measure with the inner lid
    The lid has two layers. Use the smaller inner layer lid to measure the rice. The amount of rice needed is the level to the rim of the inner lid.

  2.  Rinse the rice and soak it in water
    Rinse the rice by hand until the water becomes clear. Put the rinsed rice and a full inner lid of water into the pot and let it soak for 30 minutes before placing it on the stove.

  3. Cook over low heat for about 20 minutes.
    Cook the pot on the stove over low heat for about 20 minutes, 22~25 minutes for the L size. Each stove has a different heat level, so try a few times to find the best cooking time for your preference.

  4. Steam for about 10 minutes
    To make the rice fluffy, steam the rice for about 10 minutes after the vapor stops coming out of the holes in the outer lid.


What's Donabe?

Donabe, which means earthen pot, are pots made out of special clay for use over an open flame in Japanese cuisine. Originally, it was an unglazed pot, but nowadays it is usually a two-handled pot made of thick ceramic with a shallow bottom and a lid. 
It has a high heat-retaining capacity and is used for one-pot dishes, nabeyaki udon, and other dishes.

Made by 150 years old Pottery Tsukamoto

Established in 1864, Tsukamoto is one of the oldest potteries in Mashiko, Tochigi Prefecture Japan, one of the most famous pottery production areas.
Tsukamoto also makes the famous pot-type Ekiben (Bento for train travellers) containers in Japan.
This earthenware pot is also made using the same technique that has been handed down in the region.

  • Size: S - Approx. 145 125mm L-
  • Made in Tochigi Japan
  • Hand wash and dry well after use, do not use a dishwasher.
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