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Ban Inoue

Kaya Vegetable Bag (S)

Kaya Vegetable Bag (S)

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Crafted from mosquito net fabric produced in Nara Prefecture, renowned for its history of mosquito net production. The handle employs Sanada Himo, a cord made using historic techniques.

Perfect for grocery shopping to reduce plastic bag consumption and for vegetable storage.

Available in sizes LM, and S.

Sanada Himo 

Sanada Himo is a traditional Japanese woven fabric made using a loom called "hata." There are said to be over 90 distinct patterns, some of which are unique to specific families, much like family crests. Known for its durability and resistance to stretching, it was traditionally used for binding loads, hanging heavy items, in armor of Samurai, and for everyday tools. In modern times, it has been employed in various household tools.

Japanese Mosquito Nets

The history of Japanese mosquito nets dates back to 300 AD, introduced by mosquito net artisans from China. They were initially used among the aristocratic class of the time. During the Edo period, Nara Prefecture, then a major producer of hemp, became a hub for mosquito net fabric production. Today, many companies continue to produce mosquito net fabric using hemp and cotton. While contemporary Japan seldom uses mosquito nets, the fabric, known for its breathability and unique beauty when dyed, is utilized for summer clothing and kitchen cloths, among other applications.


Image: Ban Inoue

  • Size:12cm×15cm
  • Double fabric tailoring
  • Materials: Mosquito net fabric, Sanada Himo 100% cotton
  • made in Japan
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