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MAME- Incomplete Collection [Arita Porcelain designed by Amabro]

MAME- Incomplete Collection [Arita Porcelain designed by Amabro]

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Beautiful modern designed Arita porcelain Mamezara inspired by incompleted old Arita porcelain dishes. The slightly larger Mamezara perfect size for appetizers, sweets and side dishes.

Incomplete Collection from Amabro

Amabro is a product brand line designed by contemporary artist Amane Murakami.
Amabro's Incomplete collection is a series of newly designed Mamezara of Arita porcelain, the most traditional Japanese porcelain that has been produced since the 16th century in Nagasaki Japan.

In the past, Arita-yaki porcelain was widely known for its large size pots and platters. However, as times changed and the nuclear family became more common, the demand for large dishes, which had been a symbol of family gatherings in Japanese culture, decreased. Then, a huge number of large dishes that had been stopped at the underglaze painting stage during production were left to waste.

Murakami was fascinated by the imperfection, and in order to bring more attention to such social issues, he designed Arita porcelain to transform them into a new form in this modern world.

  • Size
    φ107mm × h 17mm
  •  Made in Nagasaki Japan


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