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Kontex (Imabari)

MOKU Linen Apron

MOKU Linen Apron

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A soft and lightweight apron from the textile experts Kontex in Imabari Japan.

From the minds behind one of our popular towel lines comes the Moku Linen Apron, a lightweight kitchen accessory made from a soft cotton-linen blend.

Slow-woven on vintage Toyoda looms in Imabari, the unofficial towel capital of Japan, these aprons boast an impressive pedigree made evident by their innovative design: terry cloth on one side for greater absorbency and waffled linen on the other to speed up drying.

Worn up around the neck or folded down at the waist, the Moku Linen Apron will quickly become a fixture in your cooking escapades.

About Kontex:

Gentle on the skin and kind to the environment, Kontex textiles are crafted in Imabari, Japan, using centuries-old techniques, as they have been since the company’s founding in 1934. Each product is made from fine, garment-quality thread gently woven on traditional low-speed looms to achieve unparalleled softness, then washed in snowmelt from the slopes of Mt. Ishizuchi. The end result is apparel that’s incredibly soft, absorbent, and free from impurities - the perfect addition to any wardrobe.


Size: 31.75" W (99" W with straps) x 31.5" H

Material: 60% cotton, 40% linen

Made in Imabari, Japan

Care: Machine wash with cold water and mild detergent. Avoid bleach or fabric softeners. Hang or tumble dry low. 

What is Imabari Towel?

Imabari, Ehime is a mecca of towels that has continued production for over 120 years.

There are almost 200 factories that twist yarn, dye yarn, fabricate towels, etc. at this great production site. 

Imabari towels’ softness and good water absorbency have especially gained popularity,and its name is recognized around the world.

The towels will sink within 5 seconds upon placing them into water. As a result, this also allows the towels to dry very quickly and is gentle on the user’s skin.

Due to the use of high-quality cotton and threads which are not hard-twisted so enables the softness to be maintained even after repeated uses and washing. This feature is said to be due to the use of soft underground water with very few impurities from Sojagawa River.

This water is gentle to the yarn and material of the towel and allows delicate and bright colours while bringing out the natural softness of the cotton used.

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