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Baba Suishaba

Organic Japanese Cedar Incense | Japanese Herbal Incense

Organic Japanese Cedar Incense | Japanese Herbal Incense

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Japanese traditional incense made from natural Japanese cedar leaves by 100 years old incense makers. They're run by the second generation family, only mom and pop.
Unlike most incense, this incense is all natural and free of any fragrance, preservatives, or colouring materials.
As a result, it does not have the strong aroma of ordinary incense. It has a gentle, relaxing, subtle aroma, like sage.

Handmade by over 100 years old watermill incense company in a deep mountain, Yame Fukuoka, Japan

Baba Suishaba is founded in 1918 and is located in a beautiful, very small village in a deep mountain forest in Yame, Fukuoka.
The incense was born from the century old history of tireless effort, to make top quality cedar powder.

They corrected Japanese cedar leaves in the mountain forests and turn into incense powder with an old water wheel using the energy from the beautiful mountain water stream.

The sustainable low energy way to make incense has never changed for over a hundred years here.

Now, there are only two places in Japan, including Baba Suishaba where incense is handmade using this traditional method.

 "My incense making starts from gathering cedar leaves in the forest.
Japanese cedar trees grown for over 50 years are harvested to start new lives as furniture or housing.
My waterwheel is also made from Japanese cedar trees, while the leaves become incense, and the branches become fuel to dry them.
The trunk, leaves, branches - The whole cedar tree is living in my incense.
Rain falling on the mountain nurtures the cedar trees, becomes a water stream, stop by to rotate the waterwheel, and returns to the river again.

All ingredients and energy, 
everything needed to make incense is here, given by the forest."
- The owner and incense craftsman Takeshi Baba

  • 3 bundles
    Weight: 90g Box size:14×7.5 ×2.8(cm)
  • 1 bundle
    Weight: 30g Box size:14×2.8×2.8(cm)
  • Ingredient: Japanese Cedar leaves, Tabunoki (machilus thunbergii) leaves

*Please note that incense holders are not included.
All Japanese incense is standardized to a certain size, but the size of the incense holder differs from that of incense from other countries.
We have several incense holders available.

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