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Aika Edo Glass

Petite Cruet Oil or Soy Sauce

Petite Cruet Oil or Soy Sauce

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Beautiful Edo glass leak-proof cruet.
Perfect for serving Soy sauce, oil, vinegar and more.

What is "Edo Glass"?

Edo glass is handmade glass that inherits the tradition from the Edo period (1603 - 1867).
Craftsmen melt the glass at a high temperature of about 1,400 degrees Celsius, roll it up on an iron scale, and form it by hand one by one.
As a result, each product has its own warm taste.
This Edo glass is made under the supervision of a METI-designated traditional craftsperson certified by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. 

  •  Size: 
    - Kobana (Floret)
    :  Diameter 30, 55x70 (mm) 45ml  103g

    - Shizuku (Dropret):  Diameter 35, 55x70  (mm)   30ml  108g 
    - Tsubomi (Bud):  Diameter 35, 55x65 (mm)  45ml  101g

  • Made in Japan

  • Do not place in microwaves, ovens, freezers, and dishwashers, on a direct flame.
  • Please be aware that glass may break if subjected to sudden changes in heat(a heat change of 40degrees will cause breakage.)
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