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Rose Gold Flower Shears by Toyama Hamono

Rose Gold Flower Shears by Toyama Hamono

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 HIDEHISA Flower shears (TH-3PG)

This flower shears are designed for general garden use.
The distinctive blade is razor sharp and ideal for cutting into plants.
Ideal for pruning branches, roses, other flower and houseplants.
Each shear is meticulously hand-forged and honed using time-honored techniques. Proudly handcrafted by skilled artisans in a Japanese blade factory with a rich heritage spanning over 160 years, these shears echo a legacy of excellence.

* Other Scissors  from the same factory are also available. 

Garden Shears

Kitchen Scissors

Care instructions

These scissors are made with high carbon steel tools .
They can rust if not cared for properly. Please make sure to wipe them clean and dry after use. iIf you're planning on storing them for an extended period of time, we recommend oiling them.

  • Material : Japanease carbon steels 'all forging'
  • Size : 180mm
  • Weight : 150g
  • Blade length : 65mm

Made By Toyama Hamono

The founding of Toyama Hamono (Toyama Blades) dates back to the Bunkyu era of the Edo period, Japan. Since starting the production of wooden scissors in Sanjo, Niigata Prefecture in 1861, it has continued for over 160 years, from the first generation, Ryumatsu, to the present. Now, the fifth generation, Hidenobu, carries on the traditional techniques passed down from his ancestors as the head of the Echigo wooden scissors lineage.
The distinctiveness of Toyama Hamono's scissors lies in the blend of time-honored methods like "fire-forged crafting," "rear sharpening," and "precise blade fitting." Their unwavering quality has endeared them to enthusiasts both in Japan and abroad.
In an evolving world, Toyama Hamono embraces the synergy of melding traditional craftsmanship with advanced machinery. This commitment paves the way for even greater quality, sharpness, and resilience, propelling them into new realms of innovation.

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